« Leichhardt, wer?

Portrait Ludwig Leichhardts (1813 – 1848) in der National Library of Australia


[Por­trait of Lud­wig Leich­hardt] [ca. 1850]

The litho­gra­phic text in Ger­man which accom­pa­nies the pic­tu­re is an excerpt from a let­ter to Leichhardt’s bro­ther-in-law in Prus­sia, dated Syd­ney, 18 April 1846, in which Leich­hardt tells of his hero’s wel­co­me in Syd­ney as someo­ne retur­ned from the dead, and his plans from cros­sing the con­ti­nent from east to west: „I hope to be on my way back from Swan River in two years‘ time. What I have in mind is to go up the Tro­pics, to make my way thence right across to the West coast of Aus­tra­lia in 22* or 23* of [South] lati­tu­de, and then to fol­low the coast sou­thwards to Swan River. Syd­ney von 18th April 1846“. Signed „Lud­wig Leich­hardt“. (Trans­la­ted in Aurous­se­au, „Let­ters of F. W. Lud­wig Leich­hardt“, Hakluyt Socie­ty, 1968). This let­ter was publis­hed several times in Ger­ma­ny and later in trans­la­ti­on in Syd­ney; it was publicly avail­ab­le in Ger­man from April 1847 when it appeared in part in Froriep’s „Fort­schrit­te der Geo­gra­phie und Natur­ge­schich­te“ (Wei­mar).

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